How Tiktok videos go viral

How Tiktok videos go viral

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Quoting Seena Rezaei:

"There is a formula to going viral on TikTok, and it gets me paid $80,000 per month. It's called the sales framework; it's very easy to follow, and anyone can learn to use it. I built a seven-figure TikTok agency in under a year using it. But hold on, what did you imagine when I said that? If you were thinking of one of those biophilic offices with bustling employees, a dog in the corner, and Gary Vee somewhere, don't you wanna be happy? Then replace that image with this. Yes, that is my seven-figure TikTok agency.

So, I'm gonna explain the sales framework using a 5 million view TikTok video that made me over $50,000 in commissions. This is the sales framework: problem, solution, explanation, and in brackets, hook authority product. I'm gonna explain what that means. So when we're selling a product on TikTok, we begin by identifying the problem. Every product serves to solve a problem, and we need to identify this with a very intriguing three-second hook.

Here's the hook of the very first video I ever created for a brand. It got 5 million views. Let's run it. 'Millionaires don't use to-do lists; they time box.' The problem is that you want to be more productive; to-do lists are a conventional means of productivity, but millionaires aren't using them. So perhaps the reason why you're not productive is that you're not doing what the millionaires are doing. On to the next part, they time box. It's a technique Harvard Business ranked as the No. 1 most effective productivity hack. So they aren't using to-do lists; they're time boxing. And according to who? According to Harvard Business Review Authority.

Solution Authority. Now on to the final part. I'm going to show you how to time box infinity. Three simple steps. The first step is called brain dumping. We then identify the top three tasks for the day, and finally, we time box. I then explain how to time box in a very visually appealing manner. You don't know you're being sold to yet; I'm just selling the idea of time boxing, not the notepad. But in the end, I'd like to begin time boxing; you can buy the Timebox notepad on Amazon, the link is in our bio. The fact that people didn't even realize I was selling them anything is how you sell.

You're identifying your problem, then you're providing them with a solution. The solution is not yet your product; the solution is related to the product. The call to action comes at the end, and the product is a notepad. It was not a very innovative product, and it was barely making any sales prior to me working with the brand. So if I can make them go viral, you can make all these other brands go viral. Now keep in mind, this isn't just a viral framework; it's the sales framework. You can go viral not using this framework by just dancing and doing something funny, but are you going to sell a product or service? No. I use this framework for three other videos for this brand, and they all got over a million views. I've now worked with over 20 e-commerce brands utilizing the sales framework to sell each one of them. It is a universal principle of selling a product or service through content.

But this is just a part of the TikTok playbook. If you can understand the full complexity of how you can go viral on TikTok, then you will have one of the most monetizable skills on the internet. We are in the golden era of TikTok marketing; the playbook on how to go viral hasn't been understood by businesses yet. They figured out Instagram marketing; they figured out Facebook marketing; they haven't figured out TikTok. And that is why I've created Attention Academy, a platform that will teach you all the nuances of TikTok marketing and all of the strategies I've implemented myself for my own TikTok agency. Learn this playbook before everyone else catches on. In fact, this video you just watched used the sales framework."

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